The Flint Genealogical Society has created Directories of Cemeteries and the Historical Museum has a copy of each of these books for the cemeteries listed below. The cemeteries are all in the Davison, MI area. Recently, the Flint Genealogical Society put the contents of these directories, over 90,000 names, on their web site as an alphabetic list. Their list is current as of 1962 for all cemeteries, and it is being updated with new information.

Please contact us to get information about their web site or for research help from the books that we have. You can contact us

via email at:
via telephone at: 
via the US Mail at:
  Davison Area Historical Museum
PO Box 104
Davison, MI   48423.
  • Davison Cemetery  
    10080 E. Potter Rd.
    Davison, MI  48423

  • Flint Riverside Memorial Cemetery (former Dodge Cemetery) 
    7050 Henderson Rd.
    Richfield Township, MI
    Bob O'Dell - 810-653-7376

  • St. John's Catholic Cemetery  
    4025 N. Oak Rd.
    Richfield Township, MI
    Steven Hill - 810 - 653 - 1852

  • Richfield Union Cemetery  
    4270 N. Irish Rd.
    Richfield Township, MI
    Howard Cadieux - 810-653-6941
  • Meadow View Memorial Cemetery
    3126 N. State Rd.
    Davison, MI  48423

  • Pine Grove Cemetery
    (Seeleyville Cemetery)  
    10449 E. Briston Rd.
    Davison Township, MI   48423
    Stanley Fries -0810-653-1228
  • Cottage Cemetery  
    8150 E. Mt. Morris Rd.
    Richfield Township, MI
    Charlotte Phillips -0810-653-9319


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